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First Step

Attend a race at I-70 QMA and see the action for yourself. Another great step would be to participate in one of I-70 QMA’s  “Arrive and Drive” events. This allows you the opportunity to see if you and your child would like to become involved in the most fun and safest form of motorsports designed specifically for kids.

Quarter Midgets and Equipment

Purchasing a Quarter Midget is a big investment. You have the option of purchasing new or used cars and equipment. When looking at used Quarter Midgets, shop around, compare, and ask plenty of questions. Try to get a “package deal” which may include spare parts and/or safety equipment. Check out the classified sections of
www.quartermidgets.org and www.quartermidgets.com for used Quarter Midgets and equipment. Remember, if in doubt, ask some of the I-70 QMA members for advice.

QMA Membership application

When you join the POWRI Quarter Midget Racing League, you will need to fill out an adult waiver for each adult listed on your application, and a minor waiver for each minor listed on your application.

      Regular Membership

 - family memberships including husband, wife and all drivers under the age of 18 years old and a member of that immediate family who all live in the same household. 

Once you have completed the two-page application and all applicable waivers, please submit the following:

 1. POWRI Quarter Midget Racing League  Application (please complete both pages)

 2. Adult and/or minor waiver(s)

   3. Yearly Fee ($175-Regular + $80 Concession Fee (which you can earn back) for a total of $255 made payable to I-70 QMA

NOTE:  ALTERNATE HANDLERS must complete their own 2-page membership application, an adult waiver, and pay their fee 


Please bring the forms and check payment to the track or mail all forms listed above to:

 I-70 Secretary (listed in officer section)

Any ?’s email:  E-mail  

REMINDER:  Memberships are good for a calendar year.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

 We look forward to another exciting year of racing!

The first stage of Novice Training is a classroom session, where the basics are explained. At this time it is also advisable to have your Quarter Midget and safety equipment along so I-70 QMA’s Safety Director can inspect for legal certification and for proper mechanical operation. From there, I-70 QMA ‘s Novice Trainer will guide you and your family on a fun and rewarding experience in Quarter Midget racing.


Safety Equipment Required for Racing Quarter Midgets


There will be no degrading of any drivers safety equipment requirements, this includes but is not limited to Helmets, gloves, suits, etc.

1. Arm Restraints

    1. A Arm restraints are mandatory for all drivers (when driving a quarter midget race car), and will be used in conjunction with the seat belt quick release for minimal egress in event of accident.  1. B Arm restraints are fastened securely to the driver’s forearms, (between the wrist and the elbow), never at or above the elbow. 1. C The arm restraint should be adjusted so that it is short enough to keep the driver from reaching just two or three inches above the steering wheel. 

2. Face Shield

     2. A Clear or amber face shields must be worn after dark, or whenever track lights are turned on. 2. B Tear offs are optional at dirt tracks.

3.  Gloves

3. A Two layer Nomex or equivalent gloves are mandatory.  3. B Gloves must completely cover the hands and fingers. 3. C Driver’s gloves require a SFI 3.3/5 rating or greater.

4. Helmet

      4. A Drivers will wear a well fitted, full face, professional type crash helmet of the type which is one-piece from the forehead to the base of the skull and similarly covers the ears and chin area. 4. B Helmets used in POWRI are required to use a SA2010 or newer Helmet or SFI 24.1. (SA2005 helmets will no longer be allowed starting January 2018) 4. C Helmet shall be in good condition (no exterior cracks, evidence of impact or deteriorating interior lining/shock absorbing material). 4. D All hair will be under the helmet or inside jacket/driver’s suit when driving a quarter midget. 4. E Helmet shall be inspected by track safety at the start of the racing season (as a minimum). 
4. F Drivers of “AA” and Half Midgets using alcohol are required to wear SFI 3.3 rated Head Sock under their helmet. 4. G   Visors must be down when practicing, hot lapping, and under green flag conditions.  4. H Helmet hooks are not allowed.  4. I No external decorative covering allowed on helmets or face shields.(Example: Skull Skins or similar products). This does not preclude paint or vinyl graphics as long as they do not cover the face shield.  

5. Jackets & Suits

     5. A All upper-body clothing must be securely fastened. 5. B  One or two piece Suit must provide full coverage from neck to ankles and extend completely to the wrists. 5. C All  Suits must have a minimum SFI rating of 3.2A/1 or higher.

6. Neck Collar and/or Head and Neck Restraint Systems

     6. A  A neck collar is mandatory. 6. B Neck Collar made of Nomex or equivalent is mandatory with a minimum rating of SFI 3.3  6.C A neck collar is not required if the approved SFI Head and Neck Restraint System does not mandate one.  For example, a "HANS" system.  6.D All neck restraint systems (ex: "HANS") must be sent off and re-certified every 5 years

7. Pant Legs (for 2-piece suit) and socks

    7. A Pants must be waist to ankle length,  and not to allow exposed skin.  - socks that cover a minimum 25% of the shin/calf...No ankle socks   7. B Pants carry a SFI 3.2A/1 or higher rating. 

8. Shoes

    8. A Shoes are required that completely cover the feet for all drivers, handlers, alternate handlers, flagman and others in hot chute, work area, staging area, racing surface, scaling and fueling area. 8. B Flat bottom shoes only, no use of “heelys” or shoes with wheels on the bottom allowed while in the car). 


     9. A A full brake pedal or positive heel stop is mandatory to prevent the foot from pushing through the pedal.


     10. A If using a "seat," it MUST be bolted to the frame, not the belly pan or fire wall. Sec.. 4

                                       MISCELLANEOUS - SAFETY/TECH

     1. Modifications of any car construction specification for a Quarter Midgets or Half Midget necessary for a physically disabled child must be approved by the National Safety Director on a case by case basis.

 2. No decorative or distractive lights or any non-essential racing items (i.e. flags, stuffed animals, license plates, etc.) allowed on any powri race car, 1st offense – warning, one warning per race season. (Driver/Handler) 2nd offense – DQ per race 

3. High Pressure Compressed Gas Cylinders must remain in trailers or in tow Vehicles.

4. There will be no jugs or cans of fuel in the Hot Chute after refueling. 

 5. No lifting cars up on their nose in the hot chute (safety reasons).
It's important to take safety into your own hands.

 As a Quarter Midget handler, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your child.

Rules and requirements are subject to change. If in doubt, ask your Safety Director.

Updated 1/25/2017


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